Wednesday 3 May 2017

Well–designed Office Partitions and Furniture Ensure Increased Productivity

Aren’t your employees meeting their goals and your expectations?If so, you’re at the right page; this blog, advocating the top-notch benefits of getting well-designed and strategically-placed office partitions, fixtures and furniture, suggest how you can boost the productivity of your workers and ensure that your business goals are met.

How your office has been designed plays an important role in –
Defining the office ambiance
Refining or appeasing the look of your office space
Offering comfort to your workers and visitors
Building up or reflecting your brand identity

There is no denying that you, or anybody, will feel more comfortable working in a cool, appointed environment. Congested workplaces demotivate and distract people, which ultimately result in decreased efficiency, performance, and productivity - means, a great wastage of your resources and investment (where your employees are your big time investment).

A cool way to boost the performance and productivity of your workers is to give the best environment to work in. Undeniably, a cool workplace is that, that has spacious office partitions, comfortable furniture, and most importantly, cabins and sections that have adequate mass of office partition walls that do not disturb people in the adjoining partition.

Old furniture is the biggest turn off.

That’s true. No one likes to work on a soiled, torn, and shaky piece of furniture. Further, if your office partition walls and doors are loose and create a lot of noise while opening and closing, it is time to replace them by calling in an office partitioning supplier.

In case, you do not want to get new supplies, you can get refurnished office partitions and fixtures to revamp the look of your office interior.

Lining up a vendor that has a large selection of office furnishing supplies is always suggested, as with such a supplier, you can find more options for renovating your office. Make sure to sit with an interior designer to get your design the layout of your office ambiance.

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Mezzanine: An Effective Solution to Maximiseyour Storage Problem

Are you in need of an additional floor space in your office? The hassle of relocating, renovating unused headroom’s within your building incurs huge investment. With mezzanine flooring, you can change, stretch, and renovate your office space as per your requirement. This is one of the most sough-after methods of saving money and utilising space. 

Mezzanine flooring company offers a full fitting service, including the mezzanine floor, any partition walls, suspended ceilings and fittings and fixtures.The service provider supply as well as installs a wide range of office mezzanine floorsfor factories, industrial warehouses retail and office premises.It is one of the most cost effective ways of adding additional space to your premise without the need of moving office essentials from one place to another. You can choose a multitude of things to suit your business. Investing in a mezzanine floor can save you time, money, and pressure of moving things from premises.By adding a second level to your wasted space into a productive space.You can either expand considerably within its existing premises or just use it just as a storage space. 

Mezzanine floor systems are constructed using standard pallet racking components, making them a simple and practical way to maximise warehouse storage space.

Advantages of office mezzanine floor are that you need not worry about construction. The service provider intelligent design solutions and high standards of finish, in a wide range of color options, making hi-level floors suitable for daily usage, from a simple storage area to a prestige office environment.

Thursday 29 September 2016

The Office Layout And Design Influences The Performance Of Employees

It is always a pleasure to work in an office that is bright, cheery and well furnished. A messy and dark environment will in no way motivate the employees. So it is important for employers to pay some attention when they are designing office spaces. It does not have to be an expensive project, as there are several solutions in the market today that offer excellent ideas. These office refurbishment ideas will not only keep your employees happy they will also impress your clients. No more complicated and expensive designs, instead the simple ones are more attractive and effective.  
Customised Office Designs Are The Best

When you engage the services of an office refurbishment specialist, it is expected that the design that they create is specific to your needs and the space available. The budget you have in mind is also considered and your specifications will also be considered when the design is being drawn up. Just in case you do not have any ideas, you can let the designer come up with their own and then give you opinions. This is the best way to get an office that is according to the satisfaction of the client. There are so many simple solutions in the market for factories and warehouses, offices as well as showrooms. The new innovations are light but durable and very reasonably priced. Though new technology is in use, there is no compromise on the quality of the work. 

Different Storage Facilities

When a factory or warehouse is to be renovated, the main focus would be to get more storage space within the already existing space. For that the best solution is racking and shelving and that can be used so that every available place that there is will be made use of efficiently. The storage will be well organised and it is so well planned that there is no need to invest in shelving for a long time. Pallet racking is a very useful storage system and is especially useful when you have large quantities of things to store. The office refurbishment specialist will help you decide what kind of racking will best suit your premises. Narrow aisle racking is best for those places where space is less. The use of a forklift is required in this case to remove the goods. When the space is not limited, wide aisle racking will be used. When perishable goods are to be handled, the experts suggest live racking and when unusual items have to stored, heavy duty bespoke racking is what is recommended.

Different Designs For Different Needs

Once you decide on spending money on office refurbishment, it is important to decide what your needs are. You may need to create an illusion of space and for that mezzanine flooring will be a good solution, for privacy, office partitioning systems is the best solution and for storage, racking and shelving is what is necessary. The specialists will be able to help you in making the right choice and they will be able to tell you what will work and what will not. Like a well-designed home, a well-designed work place too is important for motivation and peace of mind of the employees.

Thursday 1 September 2016

Maximize Your Existing Space with Mezzanine Floors

In so many warehouses, offices, or workshops throughout the UK, Mowbray Interiors mezzanine flooring and partition walls have transformed vacant space into convenient and cost-saving storage platforms and production areas. A mezzanine floor can be transformed, stretched and if necessary reconstructed as your conditions change. The company’s office mezzanine solutions are bespoke to each specific office requirement and take into consideration the conditions of the site including security, obstacles, and access. 

Adding a mezzanine flooring is a quick & appropriate way to add additional floor space to your existing office or warehouse and significantly inexpensive than physical alternations. Mezzanine floors provide a wonderful space saving solution within the existing structure of the building without the price and problem of altering or moving office premises.

So, if you need additional floor space and do not want stress and expense of moving, get mezzanine flooring systems now! Suitable for retail, office space, warehouses, and production, each office mezzanine floor is custom-made to suit a company's individual needs and requirements. Mowbray Interiors will deliver your mezzanine flooring systems, on time, and on a budget. Whether it’s a multi-tier or a single-tier mezzanine floor system, they will completely manage the project for you.
For Office Mezzanine Solutions, visit now!

Monday 22 August 2016

Get Mezzanine Floor and Save the Expense and Headache of Relocation

You need a smart workplace, no matter of what business you are involved in. Keeping this in mind, it is very important that you utilize the office space you already have. A mezzanine floor is the practical and a lucrative solution to unlocking the potentialand maximizing the productivity from your existing office space. 

However, if you need more office space in your building but doesn’t want to shift, then office mezzanine floors is the perfect solution, because it can be fitted within an existing office and can be extended, rebuilt, and altered at any time.

Suitable for retail, office space, and warehouses, each mezzanine floor is custom-made to suit your company specific needs and requirements. Mowbray Interiors proficiency in the design of mezzanine flooring ensures the best use of available office space with safety, productivity, and economy.

The company’s innovative range of office mezzanine floorswill ensure that your office environment looks modern without stealing away from the building’s original design. This combined with their technical skills and great product range will ensure that you get the best quality Office Mezzanine Floorsat any incredibly affordable price. 

Mowbray Interiors supply you with the mezzanine floor of your choice, all for a reasonable price when compared to other suppliers.

Tuesday 7 June 2016

What You Need To Know About Mezzanine Floor Suppliers?

Once you’ve decided to addfloorspace in your office or warehouse, you should start looking for the best supplier. A glance at Google will expose tons of “potentials” who can offer a large variety of mezzanine floor solutions. In this blog, we provide you a few ways to help you decide how to source the best mezzanine supplier for your office or warehouse needs. But before that, you need to know few of the benefits of Mezzanine flooring.

•    Mezzanine floors are inexpensive than traditional steel floors.
•    The modular structure of the mezzanine flooring systems makes it more flexible.
•    Staircases, sprinkler pipes, electrical cabling, can be joined very easily.

Now we’ve talked about the many extensive benefits an office mezzanine floor can provide, it’s time to choose the best supplier online. So here are the 3 main considerations to take into account when picking your mezzanine flooring provider:

A Good Track Record: Suppliers will only print nice feedbacks on their own websites, so a lack of recommendations or case studies should raise a few red flags.For a better overview, check their social media pages or independent review sites.

Asking You the Practical Questions: If the supplier you’re consideringis genuine and experienced, he/she also has a desire to obtain all the relevant information from you – not just about your exact needs.

In-depth Knowledge: Take the time to ensure that your chosen Mezzanine Flooring supplier has the depth of knowledge and skill to complete the design and installation to the high standard you aspire.

So, what are you waiting for? Save your hard-earned money, and pain of moving and make use of the unused headroom within your office.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

The Wonder Of Mezzanine Floors

Land is not cheap and that is why you may have noticed that real estate prices are high in most cities of the world. So people have to make do with limited space and plan the interiors in such a way that every bit of space is used efficiently. In the case of offices, as the business grows and more people are employed, space becomes an issue and the management is always on the lookout for ways to make more space in an economic way. Mezzanine floors are a good option and it is now being used in offices, for storage and for retail displays.

Storage Solutions
Shelving Storage

Another way to make sure that space is used intelligently is when your interiors have storage solutions that are useful. There are companies specialising in storage solutions and not only are they useful, they look good and are economical too. The two kinds of storage solutions offered are pallet racking and shelving. The good thing about these factory storage solutions is that they can be customised to the space available and they will be a real god-send when you have to store large quantities of products. Shelving takes care of both large and heavy duty products as well as small parts that need to be stored somewhere.

Space Creating Solutions

Other than storage you may need space for the employees to sit at desks and do their work. An economical way to create more space would be to opt for the office mezzanine flooring that many interior companies offer. Along with the flooring, if necessary suspended ceilings and any fittings and fixtures as well as partition walls will be fitted by their team. This way, not only are you saving on relocation and the time, effort and money that will be spent but you are also making use of some headroom in the building.