Thursday 1 September 2016

Maximize Your Existing Space with Mezzanine Floors

In so many warehouses, offices, or workshops throughout the UK, Mowbray Interiors mezzanine flooring and partition walls have transformed vacant space into convenient and cost-saving storage platforms and production areas. A mezzanine floor can be transformed, stretched and if necessary reconstructed as your conditions change. The company’s office mezzanine solutions are bespoke to each specific office requirement and take into consideration the conditions of the site including security, obstacles, and access. 

Adding a mezzanine flooring is a quick & appropriate way to add additional floor space to your existing office or warehouse and significantly inexpensive than physical alternations. Mezzanine floors provide a wonderful space saving solution within the existing structure of the building without the price and problem of altering or moving office premises.

So, if you need additional floor space and do not want stress and expense of moving, get mezzanine flooring systems now! Suitable for retail, office space, warehouses, and production, each office mezzanine floor is custom-made to suit a company's individual needs and requirements. Mowbray Interiors will deliver your mezzanine flooring systems, on time, and on a budget. Whether it’s a multi-tier or a single-tier mezzanine floor system, they will completely manage the project for you.
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